o   Codification and development of rules in order to be used for consultants, contractors, administrators, engineering community, and all stakeholders involved in the implementation of coastal and maritime projects of the country.

o   Policies to provide appropriate criteria for all stages of the life cycle of a project and project that includes the emergence, study, planning, design, implementation, monitoring, operation and maintenance

o   Earning feedback from the technical- executive community of the country and reviewing the criteria

o   Testing and creating procedural unity in the implementation of projects

o   Paying attention to the safety standards and disaster risk reduction in the related projects

o   Considering an approach to environmental services in the criteria

o   Bidding for the issuance of technical and engineering services

o   Upgrading the skill level and information of experts and experts to provide the knowledge of the day in the process of project implementation

o   Promotion, announcement and  training of the criteria