Establishment of the Working Group

Utilization of technical regulations and criteria in the feasibility steps, basic and detailed studies, design and implementation of the country's plans  have a significant importance in the technical-economic rationalization, quality improvement, reliability and durability, reduction of monitoring and implementation time periods, and special attentions to environmental issues.

The Technical-Executive System of capital asset ownership plans is the approval subject of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Executive Standards Regulations of Article No. 23 of the Law on Plans and Budget which is aimed to the application of standards and technical regulations at different stages of the projects.

According to the Article No. 23 of the Law on Plans and Budget, the Planning and Budget Organization of Iran is responsible to prepare and notify the technical specifications regulations and required standards for the development projects of the country.

Due to the diversity and comprehension of civil engineering projects and ascending capacity of executive agencies over the past few years, the ability of executive agencies has been useful in the preparation and development procedures of these technical documents.

In this respect, the Professional Working group for Technical-Executive Criteria of Coastal and Marine Projects of the country has been established by the Ports and Maritime Organization.


Scope of Activity

      Preparation and compilation of all criteria required by organizations and executive agencies and related collections and interacting with them in the field of coastal and offshore projects.